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Medicaid Covers US Messaging Toolkit CoverThe resources in this toolkit are designed to help you join our effort to elevate the positive impact of Medicaid. Together, we can show the critical role Medicaid plays, not just for beneficiaries, but on communities and our nation.  Download the 2021 messaging toolkit.


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More than 7 in 10 voters think the government has a responsibility to help people get affordable health coverage if they lose a job or become uninsured. More than 7 in 10 voters support raising the income limits for Medicaid so that more low-income people can qualify.
92% of voters say that Medicaid is an important program. Nearly 2 in 3 voters say systemic racism and discrimination make it harder for people of color to access care, see doctors, receive preventive services and treat serious health conditions.


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Previous Webinars

Medicaid in the US Territories: How Inequitable Funding Exacerbates Health Disparities


Medicaid & Health Equity: 100 Years After the Tulsa Race Massacre

View the full webinar from our July 23rd, 2021 event that focused on the aftermath of the Tulsa Race Massacre, how racism and discrimination impacts health and access to health care today, and how Oklahoma’s expanded Medicaid program is a step in the right direction to providing better access to health care coverage. The webinar includes a tour of Black Wall Street from historian Kristi Williams, and a panel discussion featuring Dr. Jabraan Pasha, MD, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs at the University of Oklahoma School of Community Medicine; Councilwoman Vanessa Hall-Harper, Tulsa City Council District 1; and Lance Barbour, ACS CAN Sr. State and Local Campaigns Manager.


Health Disparities and State Budget Cuts: Making the Case for Medicaid

View the full webinar from our January 13th, 2021 virtual event about health disparities, the risk of state budget cuts in the coming year, how those can disproportionately affect people of color and the role that Medicaid can play in reducing health inequities. This webinar features health equity expert Dr. Thaddeus Bell, and Cortney Sanders and Jesse Cross-Call from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities. You can also download the slides here.


Medicaid & COVID-19 Through the Health Equity Lens

View the full webinar from the October 13th, 2020 virtual event, featuring: Dr. Jamila Michener discussing the connection between racial disparities, COVID-19 and Medicaid; Dr. Alpa Patel sharing research from the American Cancer Society about the impact social determinants of health have on cancer patients; and Mike Perry sharing preliminary results from new messaging and polling research about race, health and the pandemic. You can download a PDF of the slides here.

Additional Resources

Medicaid Covers US Project Overview
This document provides an overview and answers to frequently asked questions about the Medicaid Covers US project.

Medicaid 101: Health Insurance for Low-Income Americans
This document provides and introduction and overview of Medicaid.

Medicaid Covers US Polling Memo
In April 2019, ACS CAN released polling data demonstrating that there is strong support for the Medicaid program. Included in this memo are the key findings from this research.

Medicaid: Ensuring Access to Affordable Health Care Coverage for Lower Income Cancer Patients and Survivors

Medicaid Atlas

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