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Medicaid is a vital health insurance program for America’s families. It allows children to reach their fullest potential, adults to get and stay healthy enough to work and be part of their community, and seniors and people with disabilities to get the care that can help them stay at home. Medicaid can be life-changing and lifesaving.

Meet some of the Americans for whom Medicaid has made a huge difference, as well as people who could benefit but are currently unable to gain access to coverage from Medicaid.

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Elaine: Fort Payne, AL

After her husband’s injury and job loss, their family was uninsured. But now, Elaine’s daughters are covered by Medicaid, and she’s grateful that they have health insurance – it gives them peace of mind that at least their daughters are covered, though they don’t have the same peace of mind for themselves.

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Cindy: Thomson, GA

Cindy was diagnosed with non-Hodkins lymphoma when she was 17 years old. But Medicaid was there for her and helped her beat the disease.

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Matt: Baton Rouge, LA

Matt is the CEO of CareSouth and sees the benefits of Medicaid expansion every day not just for his patients, but also for the economy.

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Raimundo: Norfolk, VA

Raimundo’s Medicaid allows him to get kidney dialysis treatments three times a week for four hours at a time. Without it, he wouldn’t be here today.

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Marcillene: Wichita, KS

When Marcillene was a college student, she didn’t have access to health insurance, and was forced to put off getting care when she started experiencing strange symptoms. A year later, she saved enough money to see a neurologist and was diagnosed with MS.

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North Carolina

Stephanie: Kinston, NC

Stephanie is a registered nurse at the Kinston Community Health Center. She sees every day the difference that having health insurance can make for someone who needs specialty care.

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Medicaid Covers US

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