Early Detection for Prostate Cancer


Early detection of cancer saves lives. Screening can help detect prostate cancer at an early stage often before any signs and symptoms which are associated with more advanced disease. Prostate cancer survival rates increase when it is detected early.

However, when it comes to prostate cancer, major racial disparities exist.

Improving outcomes for Black individuals by addressing root causes of prostate cancer disparities is key to improving the disproportionate burden of prostate cancer on Black individuals in the US. We are working to ensure Congress addresses these disparities by supporting legislation to remove cost-sharing of screening for those at the highest risk of being diagnosed with prostate cancer – African Americans and those with a family history of prostate cancer. We will continue to partner with other organizations and advocates at the state level to remove cost-sharing as a barrier for individuals looking to undergo prostate cancer screenings.

Prostate Cancer Disparities

2.1x higher likelihood of death in Black men versus White men

70% higher incidence rate in Black men than White men

Leading cancer type for Black men, accounting for 37% of all new cases, 2022 estimates for US Black men:
New cases: 41,600
Deaths: 6,040

Black men more likely to receive substandard treatment than White men; when similar 10-year survival is comparable or higher

Take Action

Man at the doctor

Ask Congress to save lives from prostate cancer by passing the PSA Screening for HIM Act!

Cancer screenings save lives, but they are only effective if people who need them can get them. For many, the cost of cancer screenings prevents them from detecting cancer at its earliest, most treatable stages.

Latest Updates

March 29, 2023

This week, Congress introduced the PSA Screening for HIM Act, which would require insurance companies to cover prostate cancer screenings for those at high risk for the disease without out-of-pocket costs. By removing cost barriers for individuals, more people at high risk can receive the necessary screenings to detect prostate

Early Detection for Prostate Cancer Resources

The PSA Screening for HIM Act  (H.R. 1826) would remove out-of-pocket costs for prostate cancer screening for those at highest risk for the disease.