Access to Health Insurance


As Congress considers changes to the Affordable Care Act, it is critically important that lawmakers maintain the patient protections that are so important to cancer patients and survivors, and ensure insurance coverage is truly affordable.  

We can never go back to the day when cancer patients couldn’t get health insurance coverage because they exceeded a lifetime limit or are denied coverage just because they survived cancer.  And, we must ensure they don’t experience any gap in their health insurance coverage and that their policies are truly affordable.

A study conducted by the American Cancer Society showed that people who are uninsured or underinsured are more likely to be diagnosed with cancer at its more advanced stages when treatment is more expensive and patients are more likely to die from the disease.

Latest Updates

February 27, 2024

ATLANTA, Georgia – February 27, 2024 – The Georgia House passed H.B. 1339 today, which in part forms a health care coverage commission. The commission is a starting point but is not a sufficient solution for providing access to more than 400,000 Georgians who need comprehensive and affordable health coverage.

February 26, 2024

ATLANTA, Georgia – February 26, 2024 – Today the Georgia House health committee passed H.B. 1339, a bill which forms a health care coverage commission. The commission is a starting point for providing access to more than 400,000 Georgians to comprehensive, affordable health coverage, but should not replace immediate action

February 21, 2024

ATLANTA, Georgia – February 20, 2024 – The Georgia legislature today filed a bill to form a comprehensive health care coverage commission, a starting point for ensuring more than 400,000 Georgians have access to comprehensive, affordable coverage. In response, Julie Vojtech, Government Relations Director for the American Cancer Society Cancer

February 12, 2024

Gov. Brad Little has proclaimed Monday Cancer Action Day in Idaho as dozens of patients, survivors and advocates traveled from all parts of the Gem State to ask lawmakers to prioritize cancer in their policies, specifically making sure health care is affordable and accessible.

Access to Health Insurance Resources

Cancer patients and survivors must balance reducing their health care costs with ensuring they have comprehensive coverage of services, treatments, and care providers.

Short-term limited duration (STLD) insurance plans do not provide the kind of comprehensive insurance coverage cancer patients need.  These plans were designed only as temporary coverage and are not subject to the same Affordable Care Act (ACA) requirements as other health insurance products on the market.  As a result, an enrollee who was attracted to the plan’s lower premiums may find – if they are diagnosed with a serious illness like cancer – that the plan does not cover all of their necessary cancer treatments.  In these cases, the consumer can be left with catastrophic costs.

Many patients with complex diseases like cancer find it difficult to afford their treatments – even when they have health insurance.  Current law establishes a limit on what most private insurance plans can require enrollees to pay in out-of-pocket costs.  These limits protect patients from extremely high costs and are essential to any health care system that works for cancer patients and survivors.