Emergent Science: Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests


"We support evidence-based development of innovative strategies for early detection that have the potential to improve lives. When there is FDA approval and clear demonstration of clinical benefit, we believe that equitable access to these new technologies is imperative."
- Dr. Karen Knudsen, CEO, ACS CAN

Early screening for cancer is important because when detected at later stages, treatments are more limited, and outcomes are generally poorer. While more research is needed to assess the impact on outcomes, newer, innovative multi-cancer screening technology may have the potential to detect more cancers at earlier stages. Several private and academic entities are currently developing multi-cancer early detection blood-based tests. Published data indicate that some of these tests can screen for many cancers at the same time, including some rare cancers.

They call it a Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) test. We call it a potentially innovative, game-changing advancement for cancer patients.

Now we need to ensure that, if approved by the FDA and shown to have clinical benefit, millions of people, especially older Americans at higher risk for cancer, will have the test covered by their health insurance plan. We are asking Congress to pass legislation that lays the groundwork for this to happen.

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Ask Congress to make Multi-Cancer Early Detection Tests Available

Urge Congress to create a pathway for Medicare to cover these new groundbreaking tests once FDA-approved.

Latest Updates

September 27, 2023

On September 19 th , members of Congress held a hearing to discuss increasing seniors’ access to innovative medical care. Dozens of ACS CAN volunteers joined the hearing as a show of support for the Multi-Cancer Early Detection (MCED) Act. Hear what some members of Congress had to say about the bill.

September 18, 2023

As Congress works to determine 2024 priorities before the budget deadline at the end of the month, nearly 700 cancer patients, survivors and their loved ones from all 50 states, Washington, D.C., Guam and Puerto Rico, and nearly every congressional district, will be on Capitol Hill this week to make clear to members of Congress that cancer must be a national priority.

June 22, 2023

A bill introduced in the Senate this week aims to improve future equitable access to new and innovative cancer screenings among Medicare beneficiaries in order to increase early detection of more cancers for more individuals.

February 6, 2023

Ahead of the President’s State of the Union Address, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is calling on the President to emphasize the need for continued bipartisan support for increased federal investment in the fight against cancer.

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Earlier screening for cancer is important because when detected at later stages, treatments are more limited, and outcomes are generally poorer. Medicare enrollees should have access to multi-cancer screening tests when the benefit is clinically shown.