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Fighting cancer is as much a matter of public policy as it is a matter of scientific discovery.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s Cancer Votes program informs candidates and the public at the local, state and federal levels about the actions lawmakers should take to make fighting cancer a top priority.

Every day, lawmakers at every level of government play a critical role in leading policy changes that are vital to the fight against cancer for people with cancer, caregivers, and people at risk of cancer.

Throughout the campaign season, Cancer Votes volunteers nationwide will be informing candidates, the media, cancer advocates, constituents, and the general public about the importance of public policy in the fight against cancer as well where candidates stand on cancer issues.

Cancer Promise

Volunteers looking at notesThroughout the spring, summer, and fall voluteeers will be asking candidates for federal office to sign the Cancer Promise to pledge their commitment in fighting cancer. Volunteers will be following up with specific questions on policy priorities to the fight against cancer and the role they would play as a federal elected official. Candidates who sign the Cancer Promise pledge to support evidence-based public policy solutions to end cancer as we know it, for everyone, by accelerating cures, improving access to care, and ensuring access to cancer prevention and early detection services, including tobacco control.

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