Medicaid Covers US Project Overview

April 25, 2019

Access to health care coverage is critical to reducing suffering and death from cancer. For decades, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) has advocated at the state and
federal level to improve access to quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Medicaid plays a significant and critical role in improving access to care and health outcomes – but the program is often misunderstood and mischaracterized.

To address this, ACS CAN has launched Medicaid Covers US: a public education campaign to foster an open dialogue about the value of Medicaid in the lives of countless Americans and their families as well as what it means for communities across the country.

What Is Medicaid Covers US?

Medicaid Covers US is a national multi-media public education campaign that will inform, support, advance and promote the value of Medicaid. A significant investment of resources will be concentrated in eight campaign states: Alabama, Georgia, Kansas, Louisiana, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Virginia. The tools, resources and collaterals developed through this project will be available to staff, volunteers, partners and stakeholders in all 50 states. It is our hope that this work will contribute to federal, state and local efforts to protect, preserve, and broaden access to health care through state Medicaid programs.

Through the power of storytelling we intend to elevate the positive impact Medicaid has not just on beneficiaries, but on communities and our nation. The stories of individuals, families, health care providers and local communities are the central focus of this campaign. These stories are being documented and disseminated through various mediums and collateral materials, including a three- part mini-documentary, a digital storybook and dedicated website. In addition to storytelling, we are performing research on the importance of Medicaid in the fight against cancer and producing evidence- based tools and resources (fact sheets, infographics, etc.) to advance the conversation about Medicaid and its importance for countless Americans.

Frequently Asked Questions about Medicaid Covers US:

  • Is this project a lobbying campaign?
    The primary purpose of this campaign is public education. Medicaid Covers US, is not a traditional advocacy or lobbying campaign – we will not be advocating for specific policy change, advancing legislative proposals or including a specific call to action on federal or state policy proposals that will impact the Medicaid program.
  • Does this project focus solely on Medicaid Expansion?
    The project does not solely focus on Medicaid expansion. Articulating the value of Medicaid for all low-income individuals and families is the goal, including the traditional and newly eligible populations as well as those in the coverage gap, in non-expansion states.
  • What can I do to get involved?
    You can join the conversation by visiting where you can: find stories from individuals and families in the eight campaign states; learn how you can share your story; host an event; access tools and resources including recent research, fact sheets and other materials related to the Medicaid Covers US campaign.

  • How is this project funded?
    This public education campaign by the American Cancer Society (ACS) through a grant provided by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, as well as funds provided by ACS and ACS CAN. ACS and ACS CAN are investing additional funding to support the public education effort and ongoing advocacy work across the country.


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