Texas Senate Unanimously Passes CPRIT Funding Bill

May 10, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network of Texas released the following statement after the resolution to continue funding the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas unanimously passed in the Senate today:

“The unanimous Senate vote today reaffirms the importance of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Voters created CPRIT in 2007, and in November, they will again have the opportunity to voice their support for an agency dedicated to finding cures and therapies for a disease estimated to kill 41,000 Texans this year.

“Additionally, CPRIT’s prevention programs reach Texans in every county. CPRIT’s grantees have provided 5.2 million screenings and prevention services, detected over 3,500 incidences of cancer and enrolled 13,000 patients in clinical trials. CPRIT brings breakthrough cancer treatments to the Lone Star State.

“The Senate understands what a recent poll says: 89 percent of Texas voters agree it is important for the state to remain a national leader in cancer research and prevention. Seventy-eight percent of voters believe it’s more important to continue CPRIT's lifesaving work, and we look forward to hearing from those voters in November when it is time to vote on CPRIT funding.

“The fight against cancer is far from over, and the work CPRIT enables is more critical than ever. Just this year, over 41,000 Texans will die of cancer and there will be an estimated 124,000 new cancer diagnoses.

“The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network of Texas, along with the Texas Cancer Partnership, thanks Rep. John Zerwas, Sen. Jane Nelson and Sen. Kirk Watson for supporting what CPRIT has done for the state and what it has the potential to do – help achieve a world free from the pain and suffering of cancer.”


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