Texas Leaders Back More Funding for Cancer-fighting Agency, Poll Indicates Bipartisan Support

October 11, 2019

AUSTIN, Texas – A new poll says a majority of Texan voters support infusing taxpayer dollars into cancer research and prevention programs here at home, and state leadership are calling on citizens to vote yes on Proposition 6 this November to ensure that work continues uninterrupted.

Texans Fighting Cancer, a broad coalition led by the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, implores voters to vote yes for Proposition 6 on the general ballot Nov. 5. Proposition 6 will renew the bonds originally authorized to fund the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas, also known as CPRIT, putting another $3 billion into research and prevention programs working to stop the disease that will claim the lives of an estimated 41,000 Texans this year.

The new poll commissioned by ACS CAN indicates:

  • 65% percent of Texas voters say they would be in favor of Proposition 6
  • There is majority support for the amendment across party lines: 58% percent of Republicans, 63% of Independents and 76% of Democrats would vote in favor.
  • 72% of voters in Texas say it is more important to continue funding the cancer research and prevention work that CPRIT is doing through state tax dollars than it is to end the program and save taxpayer dollars.
  • 84% of voters prioritize Texas remaining a national leader in cancer research.

Recently, Texas leadership at the highest level voiced their support for CPRIT and Proposition 6.

Gov. Greg Abbott: “I invite Texans to join me in voting ‘YES’ on Proposition 6 to continue the vital, life-saving work of the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. Thanks to CPRIT funding, Texas has become a national leader in the fight against cancer. The services, programs and research it has funded have detected cancers, provided prevention services across the state, drawn the country’s top researchers to Texas and created jobs. Supporting CPRIT’s work allows Texas to build on our momentum of scientific discoveries that will one day result in cures to the many diseases we call cancer.”

Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick: “I am proud to support Proposition 6 to continue the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Texas has become a leader in the fight against cancer because we made it a priority. CPRIT has saved lives, attracted top cancer researchers to our state, and generated billions of dollars of private investment in Texas businesses and universities.”

Speaker of the House Dennis Bonnen: “The State of Texas has long been a leading force in the fight to defeat cancer, and the advancements we've made are due in no small part to the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas. Over 19,000 patients have received lifesaving treatment and resources through CPRIT, yet its future hangs in balance without the sustainable and reliable funding source that Proposition 6 would provide. I encourage all voters to join the 70% of Texans who support continued funding for CPRIT by voting YES on Prop. 6 this November; a vote for 6 is a vote to defeat cancer!”

The amendment to fund CPRIT was sponsored in the Texas Legislature by Sens. Jane Nelson and Kirk Watson, and the recently retired Rep. John Zerwas.

If Proposition 6 does not receive the support of at least 50 percent of Texas voters this November, the state’s fight against cancer will lose $7 billion over the next decade.

For more information about CPRIT’s impact on Texas, the Yes on 6 advisory committee and the campaign, visit

A press statement on behalf of ACS CAN in cooperation with Texans Fighting Cancer.

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