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Atlanta Pride Festival

Research confirms that the LQBTQ community carries a disproportionate burden of cancer, has distinctive risk factors, and faces additional barriers to accessing health care. There is both greater cancer incidence and more late-stage diagnoses in this population. By participating in events like Pride, we can assist members of this community in fighting back against a disease that takes such a terrible toll on them. Here are some resources to aid in this effort.

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Participating in Pride

ACS CAN Guide to Pride 
An Ally's Guide to Terminology

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Materials for  Pride Events

2022 Pride Materials 

Printable QR code and Text to take Action- Menthol Cigarettes

Printable QR code for taking action - Research Funding
Fund Cancer Research Poster 
LGBTQ+ Cancer Facts Poster 
LGBTQ+ and Tobacco Poster 

Printing instructions 


Fact Sheets and Other Materials 

LGBTQ People and Cancer Fact Sheet
Tobacco Industry Targeting of LGBTQ+ Community

Tobacco Cessation 

Editable Signage
Zoom Background #1
Zoom Background #2


Examples of Our Work

This press statement went to national health policy reporters on May 10, 2021 in support of the Administration’s actions to preserve protections for LGBTQ patients under the Affordable Care Act. ACS CAN along with numerous other organizations filed an amicus brief in a case arguing to preserve these protections.


Past Pride Events

Photo Gallery - Atlanta Pride Festival 2019


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