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Expand Medicaid in South Carolina!

Far too many South Carolinians are living without health insurance simply because they live in a state that has refused to expand Medicaid. These folks are in the "Medicaid Gap," living sicker and dying younger than those with health insurance.

Latest Updates

December 6, 2023
South Carolina

As a long-time physician and public health advocate in Rock Hill, S.C., I am looking to our northern neighbors with envy. On Dec. 1, North Carolina closed the coverage gap and expanded Medicaid so that nearly 600,000 more people can now access affordable, quality healthcare. South Carolina should take a

November 30, 2023
South Carolina

COLUMBIA, S.C. – November 30, 2023 – As North Carolina expands Medicaid December 1, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) calls on South Carolina lawmakers to offer the same benefits to the people of the Palmetto State. “It’s long past time to offer access to critical,

May 4, 2023
South Carolina

Today, in a 26-16 vote, the Senate passed a bill (HB 3681) that would take away the power of all localities’ ability to pass laws that regulate the sale of tobacco products. The bill’s advancement to the full floor vote by the Senate came outside of the typical legislative process due to the strong opposition from lawmakers

March 7, 2023
South Carolina

COLUMBIA, SC –March 7, 2023  – Late last week, Sen. McElveen, Sen. Kimpson, and Sen. Senn signed their names to defer a bill that would take away the power of all localities in the state to pass laws that regulate the sale of tobacco products from the typical legislative process

State Contacts

Beth Johnson
South Carolina Government Relations Director
Stacy Jacobson
Sr. Regional Media Advocacy Manager
Jon Charest
Grassroots Manager

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Do you have a personal story about how cancer has impacted you or someone you love? Real stories are how ACS CAN ensures that no one becomes a statistic.