Medicaid Expansion Value Validated in 2024 Idaho Legislative Session

Postpartum Expansion, Overwhelming Idahoan Support Again Highlight Successful Program

April 11, 2024

BOISE, Idaho – The 2024 Idaho Legislature session ended this week and served as strong reminder of the success and popularity of Medicaid Expansion and the many benefits it provides to state residents and the growing confidence they have in the program.

Gov. Brad Little’s signature on House Bill 633 extended Medicaid benefits to new mothers from 60 days to one full year after birth. Extending this access to care through Medicaid for hard-working, low-income Idahoans is one of the most effective ways to prevent, detect and treat cancer effectively. Preventing cancer is much less expensive than treating it.

“Improving cancer diagnosis and survivorship after a pregnancy is not just important to postpartum individuals, but to their babies and the entire family as we aim to protect the health of all Idahoans,” ACS CAN Idaho Government Relations Director Randy Johnson said. “Ensuring low-income individuals and families continue to have access to affordable health coverage through postpartum Medicaid coverage and through Medicaid Expansion is one of the most critical ways that we can reduce cancer incidence and mortality. 
For countless cancer patients and survivors, uninterrupted access to quality, affordable and comprehensive health coverage is a matter of life and survivorship. Never is this more true than in the period after giving birth, when cancer risks are heightened. This additional 10 months of coverage allows for more time to diagnose and treat health issues, including cancer, that may have been identified during routine pregnancy and postpartum care, especially for those women who were uninsured prior to their pregnancy.

Earlier in the session the more than 400 people who gave testimony on the benefits of Medicaid expansion in their lives and those of their family, friends and neighbors should resonate with lawmakers as they head into campaign season. Voters approved the expansion by more than 60% in 2018 and a recent survey by Idaho Voices for Children shows that approval has only grown, currently topping 70%. As the program’s positive effects come further into focus post-unwinding, state leaders will gain additional clarity of the many benefits – including increasing early detection of cancer, other diseases and chronic conditions. Catching these health issues before they become deadly saves lives and money.

Medicaid Expansion provides a strong foundation for the healthy, productive workforce the state needs for a prosperous future. For more information on the benefits of Medicaid Expansion, visit:

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