Florida 2022 Budget Reflects Largest Fiscal Commitment to Cancer in Recent Memory

With a 75% Increase in Cancer-Related Appropriations Compared to FY2021

June 2, 2022

TALLAHASSEE, FL – June 2, 2022 – Today, Gov. Ron DeSantis signed the FY 2022 budget, solidifying an increase to $100 million for cancer research centers in the state through the Casey DeSantis Cancer Research Program and a continued $1.83 million investment to the state’s Mary Brogan Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program, which provides lifesaving screenings to underinsured and uninsured women.  

Cancer-related appropriations totaled $245.8 million this year, a significant increase in comparison to $186.5 million last year. 

The statement below is on behalf of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network in reaction and can be attributed to Florida Government Relations Director Susan Harbin.  

“With today’s signature by the governor, the new state budget represents the largest investment toward the fight against cancer in recent memory. We’re grateful for such a commitment by the legislature and governor and excited to see the impact it will have in saving lives in our state. 

“A majority of clinical trials were cancelled or delayed as a result of the pandemic, and cancer diagnoses were down by nearly half last year with no return yet to pre-pandemic screening rates. There’s never been a more critical time to focus Florida policy and resources to ensure continues progress in the fight against cancer.  

“The Mary Brogan program in particular is key to saving more lives from cancer by knocking down the financial and informational barriers that keep thousands of Floridians from being able to receive lifesaving screenings for breast and cervical cancer. Timely, adequate access to care is the difference between life and death, as detecting cancer early means catching the disease at a more treatable stage as opposed to later when costs are higher and survival outcomes are worse.  

“On behalf of all families touched by cancers, we look forward to seeing the impact of such lifesaving action and look forward to building on this good work in the upcoming legislative session by working with lawmakers to increase funding for the Mary Brogan program to ensure more eligible Floridians can receive a lifesaving screening.” 

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