Clean Air for All Oklahomans Must Remain a Top Priority

March 18, 2019

OKLAHOMA CITY Despite the recent delay of a bill that would have prohibited smoking in public places, ensuring all Oklahomans are protected from the deadly dangers of secondhand smoke must remain on lawmakers’ to-do lists.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network of Oklahoma thanks both Rep. Harold Wright for authoring House Bill 2288 and its volunteers for tirelessly advocating to clear the air for all workers.

“We made great progress this legislative session with the Oklahoma Workplace Clean Air Act, and it’s vital we keep the pressure on lawmakers to remind them that Oklahomans do not want to worry about being exposed to secondhand smoke while working or enjoying a night out,” said ACS CAN Oklahoma Government Relations Director Scott Tohlen.

HB 2288 remains on the floor but will not be heard this session. The bill aims to protect all workers by prohibiting smoking in enclosed areas. Throughout the country, elected officials at state and local levels are recognizing the health and economic benefits of comprehensive smoke-free laws. The only way to fully eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke is to prohibit smoking in all public places, making them 100 percent smoke-free.

“Our ACS CAN advocates look forward to working alongside Rep. Wright to see this bill through to the governor’s desk,” Tohlen said.

Lung cancer is by far the deadliest form of cancer in Oklahoma, estimated to claim 2,270 lives in 2019 alone.


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