ACS CAN Asks South Dakota Lawmakers to Prioritize Cancer-Fighting Policies in 2019 Session

January 8, 2019

SIOUX FALLS, S.D. – Jan. 2, 2019 – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network asks South Dakota Lawmakers to prioritize key cancer-fighting public policies in the 2019 session, which starts today.


“We support legislation that reduces the burden of cancer on our state,” said David W. Benson, ACS CAN South Dakota government relations director. “This session, we will be focusing our energy on increasing support of cancer screening and access to other lifesaving healthcare programs, maintaining funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs, and decreasing demand for tobacco products including e-cigarettes.”


The latest edition of the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network’s How Do You Measure Up?: A Progress Report on State Legislative Activity to Reduce Cancer Incidence and Mortality shows South Dakota has work to do when it comes to implementing legislation to prevent and reduce suffering and death from cancer.


“The data in How Do You Measure Up? clearly shows South Dakota needs to work on tobacco issues and our funding of breast and cervical cancer programs,” said Benson. “That’s exactly where our volunteers will focus in the 2019 session. They are looking forward to sharing their cancer stories with the new governor and legislators to help move these priorities forward.”


Volunteers from across the state will gather in Pierre on Jan. 30 for ACS CAN’s Day at the Capitol.


The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) is making cancer a top priority for public officials and candidates at the federal, state and local levels. ACS CAN empowers advocates across the country to make their voices heard and influence evidence-based public policy change as well as legislative and regulatory solutions that will reduce the cancer burden. As the American Cancer Society’s nonprofit, nonpartisan advocacy affiliate, ACS CAN is critical to the fight for a world without cancer. For more information, visit

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