Reducing the Toll of Tobacco

Victory in the fight against cancer requires bold new public policies that promote cancer prevention, early detection of cancer, and expand access to quality, affordable health care. Lawmakers make many decisions that impact the lives of Rhode Islanders touched by cancer and their leadership is vital to defeating this disease.

  • Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding:  ACS CAN will work to fund and sustain evidence-based, statewide tobacco use prevention and cessation programs at $3.2 million, with future regular increases until we reach the CDC recommended level of $12.8 million for evidence-based tobacco prevention, and cessation programs that help people who smoke quit and prevent children from ever starting.

  • Tax Parity: ACS CAN will work to establish tax parity among all tobacco products in Rhode Island. This will ensure that all tobacco products are taxed at a rate equivalent to our state cigarette tax to encourage tobacco users to quit using tobacco instead of switching from cigarettes to a non-cigarette product, which may be cheaper if it is taxed at a lower rate.

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