Public health wins over big tobacco in Uruguay

July 19, 2016

Last week, public health triumphed over big tobacco in the small South American country of Uruguay. Six years ago, Philip Morris International, a tobacco giant, sued the country of Uruguay over their proposed tobacco control policies. The laws were created to reduce youth and adult smoking by regulating the marketing and packaging of cigarettes. Not only did Uruguay win the case, but Philip Morris International was also ordered to pay for $7 million of UruguayŠ—Ès legal expenses. This is a huge win for Uruguay and for the health of its people. This kind of lawsuit against countries by big tobacco must stop. The U.S. Congress has an opportunity to pass an historic measure as part of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) that would take a major step in stopping these lawsuits in the future. Read the full article about UruguayŠ—Ès victory over big tobacco here. Find out more about the TPPŠ—Ès tobacco provision here.