Progress made in Congress on bills that would make today better for cancer patients

August 8, 2019

We’re making progress! ACS CAN volunteers have been working hard to garner support for legislation that will improve the quality of life of cancer patients and survivors through an enhanced level of cancer care.

In the House, thanks to the hard work of ACS CAN volunteers, the quality of life bill already has 258 co-sponsors -- only 42 away from the goal of 290 co-sponsors that we are working towards. Why 290 co-sponsors? Because our bill champions strongly believe they can get a vote for passage if we can secure that many co-sponsors on the legislation.

Meanwhile in the Senate, a companion bill to the House quality of life legislation was recently introduced. ACS CAN volunteers are working to get their Senators on the bill as co-sponsors to keep pushing the bill ahead.

If these bills pass, more cancer patients could receive a better type of cancer care that includes:

  • Less pain during treatment
  • Coordinated care among their doctors and other health professionals
  • Emotional support for themselves and their caregivers

Join ACS CAN volunteers and help make today better for cancer patients, survivors and their families by asking your Members of Congress to cosponsor the quality of life legislation.