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Lights of Hope displayed on a beach

Thank you for being a part of Lights of Hope.

This page is designed to help you locate important resources and updates as we work together to make the 12th annual Lights of Hope a huge success. 

Lights of Hope General Resources 

Please continue to work with your staff partner to order Lights of Hope Bags for your at-home display. For other resources you will find printable links here: 

Photo Submission Link 

Please submit your best photo of your at-home displays using this form. The form only accepts one photo at a time so please select your best one or two to share. We’re looking for photos depicting groups of Lights of Hope, rather than individual bags. Deadline to submit photos for the Lights of Hope America video compilation is September 7th, 2022. Deadline to submit photos to be part of the nationwide Lights of Hope album is Septmeber 30,2022. 

Fundraising Deadlines 

    • Fundraising Incentive Deadline: September 7, 2022 (11:59pm ET) Top 10, Grand Champions, Cure Level, Hope Level, CANOpener Ticket

    • CANRaiser closing Deadline: September 30, 2022 (11:59pm ET)

2022 Sponsorship Opportunities 

Your local community can support Lights of Hope through sponsorship.  Please consider offering this opportunity to businesses in your network. If you are looking for ideas on who to add to your sponsor prospect list, check out this list of the type of businesses we already have committed. 

2022 Sponsor Packet 

Sponsor cover letter - with benefits listed
Sponsor cover letter - with no benefits listed 
Sponsor cover letter - personal touch 
*Please make sure you check with your staff partner on recruiting sponsorships

Sponsors can easily commit by donating on your CANRaiser page electronically or by sending a check that will need to be tracked as an offline donation on CANRaiser. All sponsors must also be recorded at If you are hoping to display sponsor signs for an event they must be ordered at least four weeks in advance of when you need them.

Once you recruit a sponsor here are the steps to make sure they are recognized and tracked correctly. 

Important Dates- 2022

Lights of Hope Fundraising Challenge Dates- 2022

Our fundraising challenges are a fun way we spark competition and continue raising mission critical funds through out the summer.


Processing Offline Donations

The first step is to enter all offline donations on your personal CANRaiser page. Once you record your offline donations you will use the tool called Society Donations Batching. Below you will find instructions on how to use Society Donations Batching (SDB) to process all your offline donations and the process for sending in the checks. 

Entering an offline gift on your CANRaiser page
Society donations batching written guide
Society donations batching video training

Other Resources 

  • Looking for tips to maximize your Lights of Hope CANRaiser page? Check out this great resource here. 
  • Tips for using Social media to fundraise. Download here and get started today!
  • Create a QR code to easily link donors to your fundraising page on their mobile devise.
  • Lights of Hope at home: 

2022 Lights of Hope Across America Photos 

Looking for inspiration for your at home and community Lights of Hope display? Check out these awesome photos that fellow advocates shared in 2022.