Left Behind: Health and Hope in North Carolina


In Left Behind: Hope and Health in North Carolina, we meet three individuals who share their hopes for the future and worries about their health. Richard, Emma and Adrienne all earn too much money to qualify for Medicaid, yet not enough to benefit from subsidies to purchase insurance, making access to health care difficult.

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Richard and his wife Vickie own and work on their family farm in Western North Carolina. They adopted two children and for years were therapeutic foster parents. Vickie recently became eligible for Medicare, but Richard is uninsured. With Richard’s long family history of heart disease and heart attacks, this makes them nervous for their future.



Emma works full-time at a non-profit farm in Fairview, North Carolina. The small farm does not offer health insurance, Emma does not qualify for Medicaid, and she doesn’t make enough money to qualify for financial assistance to help her afford health insurance. This means she is unable to get the health care she needs to monitor her health or access primary and preventive care – she doesn’t know what she would do if something happened.



Adrienne is a mom who works full-time at a small faith-based child care center in Wilmington, North Carolina. Her husband Tyshawne works as a security guard and has his health insurance through the VA, but Adrienne doesn’t qualify for coverage under his VA benefits. Her job doesn’t offer health insurance, and she doesn’t make enough money to qualify for assistance to help her pay for private health insurance. With a family history of cancer, this means Adrienne isn’t able to access the primary or preventive care she needs.


What people are saying:

Your film has educated me and inspired me to further educate myself and my community. 

Heartfelt, informative, education. Hit home for me.

Very powerful! This is an every person issue.

Moving and inspirational. These stories need to be shared.  

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