Ensuring Access to Quality Care in Rhode Island

Victory in the fight against cancer requires bold new public policies that promote cancer prevention, early detection of cancer, and expand access to quality, affordable health care. Lawmakers make many decisions that impact the lives of Rhode Islanders touched by cancer and their leadership is vital to defeating this disease.


  • Medication Access: ACS CAN will advocate for legislation that ensures prior authorization and step therapy requirements for prescription drugs are clear, efficient and patient-friendly while also allowing for exceptions when appropriate. We will also support legislation to prohibit mid-year changes to prescription drug coverage or out-of-pocket costs during the plan year and legislation to require that copay support paid 'on behalf of' a patient be counted towards an enrollee's out of pocket costs.

  • Access to Adequate, Affordable Health Coverage: ACS CAN will work to ensure that patients have health coverage that provides them adequate, affordable access to cancer preventative services, medications and providers they need. Reducing the cancer burden depends on access to meaningful health coverage that Rhode Islanders can afford.