Campus Advocacy Materials


Photo of Relay For Life participants in walking at an eventThank you for helping us bolster our advocacy work on your college campus.  These materials should give you all the tools you need to make your work a huge success. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to your staff partner if you have any questions or additional needs.
And, of course, thank you for all you do to help end suffering and death from cancer.

Childhood Cancer Campus Advocacy Materials

CAC and ACS CAN fight Childhood cancer materials
This one pager details all the resources available to bring this campaign to campus.

5 Ways to Get involved
We want you to be creative when you bring this campaign to campus but here are a few ways to get started.

Membership Form
Use this form to collect membership information when someone joins ACS CAN. They can pay for their membership with a credit card, check or cash

Lawmakers need to hear from you!  Help your fellow volunteers make their voice heard by sharing this petition at your event.  We need Congress to support increased funding for cancer research and prevention.

STAR ACT Social Media Sign
Survivors and caregivers write your name, location, type of cancer, and message to congress. Take a selfie and tag your lawmaker on social media

Laptop sticker
This giveaway item can be used to remind students that they supported the 2017 STAR ACT. ACS CAN staff can orders these on the materials website.

ACS CAN and Childhood Cancer
Find out more about childhood cancer and waht ACS CAN is doign to make it a priority here.

Childood Cancer Research Highlights
Learn ways the American Cancer Society is supporting Childhood Cancer Research.
Funding the STAR Act
Details about the next steps for this newly passed legislation.

2018  Materials  

ACS CAN Lead recruitment letter

  • Need help finding the perfect ACS CAN Lead for your campus event? Use this letter to help your recruitment efforts

ACS CAN Lead Recruitment Tip Sheet

  • Finding the right volunteer to champion your advocacy activities is an important first step to campus advocacy success. Use these tips to make recruitment easy.

Become a Five Star Campus 

  • Work towards this high-level recognition by integrating ACS CAN into the work you are doing to fight cancer on campus.

State Day at the Capital Professor letter from staff person

  • Need help getting excused from class to attend the ACS CAN State Day at the Capitol? Work with your local staff person to get this letter signed and delivered.

State Day at the Capital Professor letter from student

  • Share with your professor all the good work you are doing for ACSCAN and get yourself excused from class for the State Day at the Capitol.



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