Call your U.S. Senator: Ask them to oppose the health care provision in the Senate's tax bill


Call your U.S. Senator now! 


The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office estimates that this provision would:

  • Lead to 13 million fewer Americans, including many cancer patients and survivors, having health coverage

  • Increase premiums by an average of 10%

Your Senator's name and phone number are below.  Please call that number and leave the below message.  (Of course, you're welcome to customize the message however you like.)

“My name is [your name] and I’m from [city].  I’m calling to ask you to not repeal health care in the current tax bill. If this bill passes, 13 million people, including thousands of cancer patients, will lose their insurance and those who don't lose coverage will pay higher premiums. Thank you." 


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Alabama Richard Shelby 202.224.5744
Alaska Lisa Murkowski 202.224.6665
Arizona John McCain 202.224.2235
Arkansas Tom Cotton 202.224.2353
California Dianne Feinstein 202.224.3841
Colorado Michael Bennet 202.224.5852
Connecticut Christopher Murphy 202.224.4041
Delaware Thomas Carper 202.224.2441
Florida Bill Nelson 202.224.5274
Georgia Johnny Isakson 202.224.3643
Hawaii Brian Schatz 202.224.3934
Idaho Mike Crapo 202.224.6142
Illinois Richard Durbin 202.224.2152
Indiana Todd Young 202.224.5623
Iowa Chuck Grassley 202.224.3744
Kansas Jerry Moran 202.224.6521
Kentucky Mitch McConnell 202.224.2541
Louisiana Bill Cassidy 202.224.5824
Maine Susan Collins 202.224.2523
Maryland Benjamin Cardin 202.224.4524
Massachusetts Elizabeth Warren 202.224.4543
Michigan Debbie Stabenow 202.224.4822
Minnesota Amy Klobuchar 202.224.3244
Mississippi Thad Cochran 202.224.5054
Missouri Claire McCaskill 202.224.6154
Montana Steve Daines 202.224.2651
Nebraska Ben Sasse 202.224.4224
Nevada Dean Heller 202.224.6244
New Hampshire Margaret Hassan 202.224.3324
New Jersey Robert Menendez 202.224.4744
New Mexico Tom Udall 202.224.6621
New York Charles Schumer 202.224.6542
North Carolina Richard Burr 202.224.3154
North Dakota John Hoeven 202.224.2551
Ohio Rob Portman 202.224.3353
Oklahoma James Inhofe 202.224.4721
Oregon Ron Wyden 202.224.5244
Pennsylvania Patrick Toomey 202.224.4254
Rhode Island Jack Reed 202.224.4642
South Carolina Tim Scott 202.224.6121
South Dakota John Thune 202.224.2321
Tennessee Lamar Alexander 202.224.4944
Texas John Cornyn 202.224.2934
Utah Orrin Hatch 202.224.5251
Vermont Patrick Leahy 202.224.4242
Virginia Mark Warner 202.224.2023
Washington Maria Cantwell 202.224.3441
West Virginia Shelley Moore Capito 202.224.6472
Wisconsin Ron Johnson 202.224.5223
Wyoming Michael Enzi 202.224.3424



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