Thank you for calling your U.S. Senator


Don't stop now!  Double or even triple your impact!

Do you know two or three other people who also care about protecting cancer patients and survivors?  Ask them to go to to leave a message with their Senator.

Not sure what to write to them? Feel free to use this draft email:



You know how passionate I am about fighting cancer. And that's why I'm asking you for a simple favor that will only take two minutes of your time.  But, I need you to do it today.

A group of senators has included a damaging health care provision into the Senate’s tax reform bill. If the bill passes as it currently stands, an estimated 13 million people, including many cancer patients and survivors, could lose their health coverage. And those who don’t lose coverage will have to pay higher premiums. I just left a message for my U.S. Senator, but they need to hear from more people. Will you also take just two minutes and leave a message for your senator?  It's so easy to do. 

Just go to  That page has your senator's name, phone number and even a sample message you can use. 

Thank you.




Your Support CAN fight Cancer