Tobacco Control


Tobacco products are projected to kill one billion people worldwide this century. And the industry is showing no signs of slowing down, spending more than $9 billion on marketing each year. 

Despite the industry's deceptive and deadly practices, ACS CAN continues to have enormous success passing local, state and federal laws that prevent children from smoking, help adults quit and ensure the government uses its authority to regulate tobacco industry practices.

While our work has had an enormous impact on youth cigarette use - now at historic lows - the use of e-cigarettes among kids is skyrocketing.  This further reinforces the importance of continuing this lifesaving work.

Latest Updates

June 29, 2021
District Of Columbia

The Washington, DC City Council has passed legislation that prohibits the sale of some flavored tobacco products. There is an exemption for hookah. ACS CAN Washington, DC Government Relations Director Jocelyn Collins reacts.

June 29, 2021
North Carolina

RALEIGH, NC – June 29, 2021 – Last week, Senate lawmakers passed their final version of the budget – dedicating zero funding for the state’s tobacco prevention programs amid skyrocketing youth tobacco use. “Our kids are worth more than zero,” said Derwin Montgomery, ACS CAN Government Relations Director in

June 29, 2021

AUGUSTA – The Maine Legislature’s Appropriations and Financial Affairs Committee has finalized a budget deal without including Governor Mills’ provision to end the sale of menthol and all flavored tobacco products. They also failed to include $5 million/year in additional funding for the state’s tobacco control program. Advocacy groups

June 22, 2021

HARTFORD – Today, Phillip Morris International (PMI) announced its intention to relocate the company’s corporate headquarters from New York to Connecticut. The following statement can be attributed to Amber Herting, a spokesperson for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) in Connecticut: “Whether across the country or

Tobacco Control Resources

This joint statement from a consortium of public health organizations sets forth aspirational principles to help local and state health departments, decisionmakers, advocates, and other stakeholders advance equitable enforcement practices related to the purchase, possession, sale, and distribution of all tobacco products. These principles can also help address tobacco addiction and reduce tobacco-related harms while maintaining and improving the efficacy of enforcement of commercial tobacco laws and policies.

Los saborizantes son un arma de mercadotecnia que utilizan los fabricantes del tabaco para dirigir a los adolescentes y adultos jóvenes en general hacia una adicción de por vida. El uso de cualquier producto de tabaco saborizado en los jóvenes es preocupante porque los expone a toda una vida de adicción a la nicotina, enfermedades y muerte prematura.

Flavors are a marketing weapon the tobacco manufacturers use to target youth and young people to a lifetime of addiction. The use of any flavored tobacco product among youth is concerning because it exposes them to a lifetime of nicotine addiction, disease, and premature death.