Medicaid Covers US


Medicaid Covers US

Welcome to Medicaid Covers US, our new project to create a conversation about Medicaid and the role it plays in the health and well-being of our families, friends, and communities. We’re sharing stories and creating conversations about how having health insurance through Medicaid helps Americans stay healthy, go to work and care for their families. 

When we ensure that people get the care they need, our communities – our hospitals, schools and economy – thrive. Join the conversation and explore how Medicaid covers US.

Watch Our New Documentary

Our new, short documentary, Critical Condition: Stories of Health in the Heartland , features Kansans sharing challenges and triumphs as they struggle to take care of themselves, their families, and their communities.

Medicaid Stories

Before Sandy applied for Medicaid, she had gone to the hospital 5 times in just one year. Since receiving Medicaid, she hasn’t returned to the hospital once, has her health conditions under control, and has been able to thrive at home instead of living at a nursing home.

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Jamila was pregnant when her fellowship was ending and her new job’s health insurance wouldn’t kick in for a few months. Medicaid was there for her to help her deliver a healthy baby.

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As an Oncology Nurse Navigator, Lisa knows the importance of colonoscopies. But she also sees countless people who cannot get the screening they need because they don’t have access to insurance.

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Medicaid Covers US Resources

The resources in this toolkit are designed to help you join our effort to elevate the positive impact of Medicaid. Together, we can show the critical role Medicaid plays, not just for beneficiaries, but on communities and our nation.