Access to Health Insurance Actions


Join volunteers, cancer survivors and caregivers from all over the state on Monday, May 4, 2020 at the Oklahoma History Center in Oklahoma City. Learn how to become an effective advoacate. Learn how your personal story can make real change through policy. We will learn how to talk with elected...


Treatment plans should be between a doctor and a patient, not left up to an insurance company. Insurance companies want to require patients to try a lower-cost medication for a period of time before gaining coverage for a higher-cost medication. Lawmakers are considering a bill that would limit an insurance...

New Hampshire

As you may know, ACS CAN recently launched a public education campaign, Medicaid Covers Us, to foster an open dialogue about the value of Medicaid for beneficiaries, communities and our nation. As a part of this campaign, we produced a mini-documentary, “Critical Condition: Stories of Health in the Heartland”...


Ask Secretary Azar to address patient community concerns with the Department of Health and Human Services proposed policy change to Medicare Part D's "Six Protected Classes" that could delay patient access to lifesaving therapies.


Governor Northam has vetoed four bills that would put Virginians at risk of being underinsured. Two of these bills would even allow insurance companies to once again discriminate against people with cancer and other pre-existing conditions. However, state legislators could vote to override this veto and let them become law...


Whether you’re a cancer survivor or a young, healthy person, you should be able to access affordable health insurance that covers the basic healthcare needs. Seven bills were recently passed by our state legislators that could make this difficult for Virginians. But, it’s not too late to stop them.


There are circumstances in life that make having access to a short-term health insurance plan useful. However, they shouldn’t be used long term since they do NOT cover essential health services, and they can deny coverage of anything related to pre-existing conditions—including a previous cancer diagnosis. Take action to keep...


It's time to thank the bipartisan group of state legislators who voted to expand access to healthcare to thousands of our low-income family members, friends, and neighbors in Virginia!


Whether you’re a cancer survivor or someone who barely had a head cold last year, you should be able to access affordable health insurance. A bill that was recently passed by our Virginia state legislators could make this difficult. Ask Governor Northam to stop Virginia from moving backwards in the...


Take a moment to thank your State Delegate for voting in support of expanding health care to nearly 400,000 of our hard-working neighbors in Virginia. Expanding Medicaid to these low-income Virginians would mean providing them with access to life-saving cancer screenings such as mammograms and colonoscopies.