Access to Health Care Actions


We need YOU to help us convince state lawmakers to make access to biomarker testing a top priority. Biomarker testing can help doctors identify specific treatments that target a patient's individual cancer. Through this testing, patients may no longer have to undergo generalized treatments, resulting in a better quality of...


Please join us for our return to in-person advocacy. Pennsylvania's 2023 Cancer Action Day is an opportunity to advocate for lifesaving laws. No experience necessary!


Join us for Nevada's 2023 Cancer Action Day in Carson City at our State Legislature. This year our focus will be focused on new groundbreaking issues, coverage for biomarker testing for cancer patients. This legislative priority will contribute to reducing health equity gaps exisiting in Nevada. By meeting with...

South Dakota

State Represenatives will vote this afternoon on proposed language to bring Medicaid expansion back to the ballot with bad language. This does not follow the will of the people and would make access to care more difficult. Contact your lawmaker today!


Let us know your organization is interested in endorsing legislation to expand access to biomarker testing in Maine. Sign-up to be added to a list of coalition partners and receive information and opportunities to advocate.

New York

ACS CAN is advocating to increase funding of $26.8 Million for the New York State Cancer Services Program, to provide breast, cervical and colorectal cancer screening for low-income uninsured and underinsured New Yorkers. Send a message to the Governor today!

New York

Please send a message to your lawmaker asking them to support precision medicine in cancer care by supporting the bill to make biomarker testing a reality for New Yorkers.


Add your voice to our petition to support legislation that would expand health insurance coverage of biomarker testing in Maine.

New York

A way for organizations interested in endorsing the New York Biomarker legislation to sign up and be added to our list of coalition partners. Organizations will also recieve pertinent commuications and updates throughout the campaign.

New York

Help ensure that every New Yorker has access to colorectal cancer screening—regardless of the type or size of the insurance plan they are on. Please send a message to Governor Hochul today and ask her to sign into law A2085-A without any further delay and reject any effort to limit...