Lauren: Tupelo, MS



LaurenLauren is a radiation oncology social worker at North Mississippi Medical Center. Her role includes meeting with new patients, assessing them for financial, emotional and transportation needs, and ensuring that they have what they need to move forward on their cancer journey. 

But too often, Lauren sees patients who don't have health insurance. These are the patients who report some of the highest levels of stress when Lauren asks them to rate their stress levels. "Not having insurance is something that sometimes worries them more than the diagnosis itself in terms of how they're going to be able to afford their healthcare," Lauren said. "Sometimes, I have patients that decide against treatment." 

Lauren wants to see Mississippi expand eligibility for its Medicaid program to cover these low-income adults who have no other options for affordable health insurance coverage. "If Mississippi expands Medicaid," she said, "so many more patients could get the care that they need. Then they could focus on getting better instead of worrying about how to pay for medical bills."

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