Elias: Fort Payne, AL

Elias was a healthy baby until one day his mother, Alejandra, noticed he wasn’t acting like himself. Within hours of bringing her 10-month-old to the pediatrician, Elias was being airlifted to an out-of-state hospital. He was diagnosed with meningitis and the doctors told Alejandra there was a 50/50 chance that her son would live.

Alejandra credits Medicaid for saving her son's life. Without the emergency airlift and subsequent care – all of which was covered by Medicaid – they might not have diagnosed the meningitis before it spread to his brain. "Medicaid saved my baby’s life," Alejandra said.

A happy toddler, Elias is now in recovery, but Medicaid is still a big part of his life since the disease caused him to lose most of his hearing. Medicaid covers his regular therapy sessions and are currently covering his cochlear implants and the process to bring his hearing back. “I just can’t wait for Elias to hear his family tell him we love him again,” Alejandra said.


Special thanks to Fort Payne Pediatrics for their partnership.

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