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I Spoke Up Against Big Tobacco, Will You?

78 percent. That is the increase in e-cigarette use among high-school students in the past year.  This surge has contributed to nearly 1 in 4 Maine high school students becoming tobacco users.

I find those numbers unacceptable.  Don't you?

Latest Updates

June 20, 2019

Legislators approved an amended version of L.D. 1028, which equalizes the tax on non-cigarette tobacco products, including e-cigarettes, to the same level as cigarettes.

May 21, 2019

LD 1297, an act to reduce youth cancer risk - We all know someone who frequents the tanning salon to get that golden glow; teens prepping for prom or maybe someone looking to get some color before heading to a tropical vacation.

May 9, 2019

AUGUSTA - Gov. Janet Mills today signed into law LD 555, “An Act To Reduce Colorectal Cancer Incidence and Mortality by Updating Screening Coverage.” LD 555 is a simple and straightforward update to the existing law requiring insurance coverage for colorectal cancer screening in accordance with recent changes to clinical

May 7, 2019

The bottom line is that we, as teenagers, do not have the capability, or desire to delay our instant gratification. Something is always more important in the moment. I am aware that at this point parental permission is allowed for minors to utilize tanning beds. I am also a social worker who has had 16 years of experience in working with our Maine families. The unfortunate reality is that often times, parents aren't capable of, or simply do not, make the right decisions for their children all the time. Passing of LD 1297 will put further safe guards in place to prevent our children from increasing their incidence of Melanoma. Because, like my doctor said, "it is cancer, it can KILL you."

State Contacts

Teresa Gillis
Maine Grassroots Manager
Hilary Schneider
Maine Director Government Relations
Amber Herting
Associate Director, Media Advocacy

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