Snuff Tobacco Money out of NM Politics

Snuff Tobacco Money out of NM Politics

Tobacco companies* have spent $1.4 million in New Mexico over the last four years on campaign donations; they seek to prevent laws that encourage people to quit smoking. As a result, more people will die from cancer and other tobacco-related diseases. Tobacco companies spend even more every year - nearly $37 million in New Mexico - on marketing to addict new customers.

We asked 2018 candidates running for Governor, Lieutenant Governor or for the State House to refuse to accept any contributions from tobacco companies to send a signal that New Mexico elected leaders and public policy will not be influenced by these companies. Policies should protect the people of our state from the harmful health effects of tobacco, including cancer.

Beginning August 1, we monitored all campaign contributions from the listed tobacco companies. 

Thanks to the following 2019 lawmakers for accepting the No Tobacco Money Challenge!

Governor Michelle Lujan Grisham 

Lieutenant Governor Howie Morales 

Rep. Anthony Allison (HD 4)

Rep. Debbie Armstrong (HD 17)

Rep. Christine Chandler (HD 43)

Rep. Gail Chasey (HD 18)

Rep. Daymon Ely (HD 23)

Rep. Joanne Ferrary (HD 37)

Rep. Miguel Garcia (HD 14)

Rep. Joy Garratt (HD 29)

Rep. Matthew McQueen (HD 50)

Rep. William Pratt (HD 27)

Rep. Elizabeth "Liz" Thomson (HD 24)

The following 2019 lawmakers accepted campaign donations from tobacco companies between August 1, 2018 and December 1, 2018.

Rep. Eliseo Alcon (HD 6)

Rep. Phelps Anderson (HD 66)

Rep. Gail Armstrong (HD 49)

Rep. Alonzo Baldonado (HD 8)

Rep. Rachel A. Black (HD 51)

Rep. Cathrynn Brown (HD 55)

Rep. Micaela Cadena (HD 33)

Rep. Jack Chatfield (HD 67)

Rep. Zach J. Cook (HD 56)

Rep. Randal Crowder (HD 64)

Rep. Rebecca L. Dow (HD 38)

Rep. Brian Egolf (HD 47)

Rep. Candy Ezzell (HD 58)

Rep. Kelly K. Fajardo (HD 7)

Rep. David Gallegos (HD 61)

Rep. Harry Garcia (HD 69)

Rep. Roberto 'Bobby' Gonzales (HD 42)

Rep. Jason Carl Harper (HD 57)

Rep. Raymundo Lara (HD 34)

Rep. Tim D. Lewis (HD 60)

Rep. Patricia Lundstrom (HD 9)

Rep. Antonio Maestas (HD 16)

Rep. Javier Martínez (HD 11)

Rep. Rodney D. Montoya (HD 1)

Rep. Greg Nibert (HD 59)

Rep. Jane E. Powdrell-Culbert (HD 44)

Rep. William R. Rehm (HD 31)

Rep. Patricio Ruiloba (HD 12)

Rep. Joseph L. Sanchez (HD 40)

Rep. Larry Scott (HD 62)

Rep. Candie Sweetser (HD 32)

Rep. James G. Townsend (HD 54)

Rep. Jim Trujillo (HD 45)

*For the purposes of this challenge, tobacco companies were defined as: 

Altria Client Services Inc. and its affiliates – Parent company of Philip Morris USA, John Middleton, U.S. Smokeless Tobacco Company and Green Smoke Inc. 

Cigar Association of America – Trade group that represents cigar manufacturers, importers and distributors. 

Sottera Inc. – Parent company of e-cigarette manufacturer NJOY. 

VMR Products LLC – Parent company of e-cigarette manufacturer V2 Cigs. 

Juul Labs – Maker of the Juul electronic cigarette devices. 

RAI Services Company and its affiliates – Parent company of RJ Reynolds Tobacco Company, American Snuff Company LLC, Santa Fe Natural Tobacco Company, Inc. and Vuse electronic cigarettes.