World Cancer Day: Oral Chemo Fairness Legislation

ACS CAN Marks World Cancer Day by Asking the Legislature to Prioritize Oral Chemo Fairness Legislation

February 4, 2021

LANSING, MI - World Cancer Day is this Thursday, which makes this the perfect time to thank Rep. Daire Rendon for introducing oral chemo fairness legislation and to ask the legislature to act quickly to pass this legislation. It has never been more critical for people to be able to stay home and still be able to access their potentially life-saving treatment. 

"Oral chemo fairness legislation was initially introduced 15 years ago. That is a long time to make cancer patients wait, especially since 43 other states have already passed similar legislation," said Andrew Schepers, director of government relations for ACS CAN in Michigan. "Let's not force cancer patients in Michigan to fight cancer with outdated weapons or force their families into bankruptcy because of medical bills one more day. World Cancer Day is the perfect time for Michigan's legislature to support patients in the fight against this disease."

This legislation would give chronically ill patients easier access to the cancer treatment they need. It would ensure the out-of-pocket cost to the patient for oral chemotherapy and intravenous (IV) chemotherapy are similar. Currently, the out-of-pocket costs for some oral chemotherapy medications are higher than IV medications. This is an unnecessary barrier for some Michiganders. 

"The pandemic has shined a light on the need for access to treatments in the safety of your own home," said Schepers. "All of the midwestern states have protections for their patients except for Michigan. Michiganders deserve better and need the help of the legislature."

Lawmakers must support oral chemo fairness legislation. This legislation is a beacon of hope for cancer patients across Michigan who struggle to afford the medication they need to survive. We are grateful to Rep. Rendon and her fellow sponsors for their leadership on this critical bill. We hope to see swift action from the legislature to pass this potentially life-saving measure and for a signature from the governor. 


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