While Big Tobacco Tries to Block New Law Protecting Kids from Tobacco, Major Milestone Achieved in Fight to Rid Store Shelves of Candy-, Fruit- and Menthol-flavored Tobacco Products

100 Cities and Counties Now Have Local Safeguards as E-cigarette Epidemic Rages On

October 5, 2020

California Tobacco Control Partners

SACRAMENTO, Calif. –  Either San Mateo or Mill Valley will become the 100th local entity in California to halt the sale of flavored tobacco products even as Big Tobacco pushes to maintain its grip on addicting the next generation. Both Bay Area cities are set to vote tonight, October 5, 2020, to rid store shelves of candy-, fruit- and menthol-flavored tobacco products. The cities are being applauded by major health organizations relieved to see that the tobacco industry’s latest shenanigans are not deterring local governments from protecting public health.

A new law signed by Gov. Newsom last month may be put on hold if Big Tobacco has its way and stops implementation by qualifying a referendum for the 2022 ballot that could undo Senate Bill 793, which will stop the sale of flavored tobacco in the state. A delay means kid-friendly flavored tobacco products will remain on store shelves in California, tempting tens of thousands of youth into a potential lifetime addiction that could prove lethal.

“That’s why it is critical that local cities and counties continue their efforts to adopt strong policies eliminating the sales of flavored tobacco products, similar to the bold actions expected to be taken by San Mateo and Mill Valley,” said American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network California Managing Director Jim Knox.

The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, American Lung Association, American Heart Association, African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council and Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids strongly denounce the action taken by the tobacco industry to attempt to halt the implementation of legislation to end the sale of flavored tobacco products.

“The legislature and the governor overwhelmingly stood up to Big Tobacco, and in the face of a multi-million-dollar opposition campaign chose to protect kids from fruit and candy-flavored tobacco including menthol cigarettes when they passed SB 793,” said Lindsey Freitas, Regional Advocacy Director, Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids. “We can’t allow these critical protections to be undone.”

On August 31, 2020, the tobacco industry submitted paperwork to refer the legislation to the ballot, meaning that if the industry collects enough signatures, it will be up to voters to decide whether to approve this law or not in November 2022.

“San Mateo and Mill Valley demonstrate how important it is to continue on the path to fight flavored tobacco as Big Tobacco continues to pursue profits at the expense of their customers. The passage of SB 793 should be viewed as a baseline, encouraging cities to adopt even stronger local policies to end the sale of flavored tobacco,” said American Heart Association Bay Area Board President Kenneth Mahaffey, M.D.

Youth are not the only targets of the industry. Big Tobacco also has a long history of targeting low-income, Black and Brown and LGBTQ+ communities, which has been instrumental in the disproportionate use of menthol products by these communities.

“As a result of this pernicious targeting, 85 percent of African Americans who smoke use menthol cigarettes leading to an undue burden of death and disease, including lung cancer, caused by tobacco use. Delaying implementation of SB 793 by two years would be a major setback for the progress we have made toward health equity through this legislation,” said Carol McGruder, co-chair of the African American Tobacco Control Leadership Council.

Across all tobacco products, what’s clear is that if the implementation of the California flavor law  is delayed by two years, tragic consequences will result from continued sale of tobacco products with flavorings that mask the harsh taste of an often-deadly product.

“The tobacco industry has a lot to gain by delaying and repealing this law, but we can continue to protect our communities through the adoption of local policies. Now is the time to push full steam ahead and show the tobacco industry that we will not stand for their deceptive tactics designed to endanger the health of our communities,” said Erica Costa, Advocacy Director, California, American Lung Association.


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