Proposed Requirements for BadgerCare Coverage Pose Serious Risk to Cancer Patients and Survivors

ACS CAN opposes legislative bills that would create barriers to care for limited-income Wisconsinites

February 8, 2022

Madison, Wis. – The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN), the nation’s leading cancer advocacy organization, strongly opposes two bills being considered by the Wisconsin Legislature that pose life-threatening risks to cancer patients, survivors and those who will be diagnosed with cancer or other chronic diseases.

Assembly Bill 934 would require Medicaid enrollees to prove eligibility and re-apply every six months. AB 936 would add work requirements to the Medicaid program. Terminating individuals’ eligibility if they are not able to keep up with these burdensome requirements could result in fewer individuals having access to this lifesaving program and force more Wisconsinites to go without health insurance altogether, widening health inequities and worsening health outcomes.

“Medicaid is critical to our progress in the fight against cancer. Thousands of Wisconsinites depend on the program for cancer prevention, early detection, treatment and survivorship care services,” said Sara Sahli, government relations director for ACS CAN in Wisconsin.

ACS CAN opposes adding work requirements as a condition of eligibility for health care coverage because cancer patients, survivors and those who will be diagnosed with the disease could be physically unable to comply.

“No one should be denied access to timely, comprehensive and affordable care because they are incapable of holding a job due to the health effects caused by their disease or treatment. As we continue to battle a public health crisis, we must work to increase access to comprehensive, affordable health coverage, not build barriers. We urge our lawmakers to reject these bills and instead take a step toward creating a healthier, more equitable Wisconsin by expanding BadgerCare,” said Sahli.

In Wisconsin, over 37,300 people will be diagnosed with cancer this year and an estimated 11,570 will die due to the disease. For more information on how ACS CAN volunteers across Wisconsin are helping defeat cancer, visit

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