Mississippi Legislators Turn Their Backs on Teens Again

Lawmakers Fail to Protect Teens from Dangers of Indoor Tanning Devices for the Fifth Year in a Row

March 3, 2020

“This is the fifth year in a row that Mississippi’s state lawmakers have put the health of teens on the back burner by failing to protect those 17 years old and younger from the dangers of indoor tanning devices. This standoff is getting ridiculous.

“For five years, we’ve been asking the state legislature to consider the dangers teens put themselves in when using indoor tanning devices and for five years lawmakers have failed to protect them. That’s five more years of vulnerable, young skin being exposed to the cancer-causing radiation emitted by indoor tanning devices.

“Our lawmakers have learned about women across the state who used tanning beds as teens and later developed melanoma, the deadliest type of skin cancer. Every single one of these women deeply regret their decision and don’t want to see others make the same mistake. Their message is clear: Being tan isn’t worth risking your life.

“The FDA already requires indoor tanning devices to be labeled with a visible, black-box warning stating that they should not be used by people under age 18, yet the tanning industry continues to market to teens and entice them to use these devices. It is long past time for our lawmakers to protect these vulnerable teens and pass this legislation that could save their lives.”

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