Legislation to Address Youth E-cigarette Epidemic Meets with Victory!

Cancer Advocates Celebrate after Passage of Senate Bill 263 to Tax E-cigarettes; Urge Gov. Sisolak to Sign Legislation Swiftly

June 3, 2019

RENO, Nev. – June 3, 2019— The American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) and its volunteer advocates, most of them cancer patients and survivors, are pleased Senate Bill (SB) 263 has passed both the Senate and Assembly, and is now on Gov Sisolak’s desk. ACS CAN is strongly urging the governor to sign this critically important bill that addresses the skyrocketing use of e-cigarettes by Nevada youth.

 In response to the victory, Tom McCoy, Nevada government relations director for ACS CAN, released the following statement:          

“ACS CAN is pleased that e-cigarettes will be taxed like all Other Tobacco Products (OTPs)—an excise tax of 30% of the wholesale price on OTP. Currently, e-cigarettes are only subject to applicable sales taxes while cigarettes carry a state excise tax of $1.87 per pack. E-cigarette use, especially among teens, is surging in Nevada and across the country.   

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) released new data this year showing overall tobacco use among teens has risen 36% since 2017, driven largely by soaring use of e-cigarettes. The study shows e-cigarette use among high schoolers jumped a whopping 78% in the last year, leading the U.S. Surgeon General to declare e-cigarette use an “epidemic” among youth. 

“Taxing tobacco products is a proven way to decrease tobacco use and we know this tax will help/ed make a big difference in the public health epidemic now facing middle and high schools in Nevada. Raising the price of tobacco products reduces consumption while generating revenue for the state. 

“Tobacco is especially harmful for teens because of the negative effect on their developing brains. And, studies have shown that kids who start using e-cigarettes are likely to go on to smoke regular cigarettes as they face a potentially lifetime addiction to nicotine.  

“A third of all cancer-related deaths are caused by smoking. Many of us have lost loved ones to cancers caused by smoking and are horrified at the trend showing alarming numbers of teens being lured into a potential lethal addiction. 

“We are pleased that SB 263’s sponsor Sen. Julia Ratti successfully convinced her fellow lawmakers to act to protect Nevada’s youth from tobacco addiction, saving long-term health care costs as well. We thank the Nevada Legislature for passing SB 263 and urge Gov. Sisolak to sign it into law as swiftly as possible.” 

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