It’s Time to Reduce the Burden of Cancer on Georgians

ACS CAN calls on Legislature to Expand Medicaid in 2024

January 5, 2024

ATLANTA, Ga. – January 5, 2024 – Statement from Julie Vojtech, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) Georgia government relations director:

“As Georgia lawmakers dive into the 2024 legislative session, ACS CAN urges them to prioritize legislation to ease the burden of cancer on Georgians. Georgia is one of only 10 states that has not closed the coverage gap by fully expanding Medicaid, which would extend critical, lifesaving coverage to nearly 500,000 Georgians. An ACS study finds having health insurance is the number one determinant of whether a person survives cancer. The time to act is now.

“We have an opportunity to follow North Carolina and be the next state to fully expand Medicaid to ensure access to affordable healthcare for thousands of Georgians so they can screen, detect, treat and survive cancer and other chronic diseases. Right now, most hardworking Georgians do not get health insurance through work; only 44 percent of Georgia employers offer health insurance to employees. This leaves nearly half a million people in the coverage gap, where they earn too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to afford insurance. Closing the coverage gap and fully expanding Medicaid would also save struggling rural hospitals and bring an economic boost to the Peach State.

“Closing the coverage gap offers a better alternative to Georgia Pathways, which only has the potential to enroll 88,000 people and currently has less than 2,000 Georgians enrolled. Pathways requirements restrict many patients and caregivers from qualifying. Pathways also costs the state more money to cover fewer people than full Medicaid expansion; the estimated cost to the state for each new Pathways enrollee is $2,490, whereas full Medicaid expansion would cost the state $496 per new enrollee.

“Some of the most critical cancer decisions are made in the General Assembly in addition to the doctor’s office. The leadership of Georgia lawmakers this session is critical to the fight against cancer. ACS CAN looks forward to working with them to advocate for policies to reduce the cancer burden and help all Georgians.”



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