House Passed Bill Expected to Revolutionize Treatment for Cancer and Other Diseases for Georgians

Local and National Public Health Groups and Hospitals Express Support for the Lifesaving Legislation

February 16, 2023

ATLANTA, GA – February 16, 2023 – The Georgia House yesterday passed bill (HB85) in a 172-2 vote.  

Local and national public health groups and hospitals are expressing their support for the bill that would enable more Georgians to access appropriate biomarker testing -- a routine step in accessing personalized medicine treatments that has become an increasingly important step in the treatment of cancer due to its impact in improving survivorship and quality of life for patients. Biomarker testing is also important to the treatment of other diseases and conditions. 

The below statement is on behalf of the 38 organizations listed above following the key vote.  

“The House has not only recognized the importance of those scientific advancements but has sent a clear message with the quick advancement of the bill that true progress in Georgians’ health lies in ensuring more people across our great state have access to such innovations.”  

“We have made significant strides over the years in the treatment of cancer thanks to biomarker testing. Biomarker testing is also important in the treatment of other diseases including arthritis, other autoimmune conditions and rare diseases, with research happening in many other areas including Alzheimer’s, other neurological conditions, cardiology and more. 

“This innovative testing opens the door to targeted therapy for cancer patients, which has not only led to improved quality of life but also has the potential to reduce costs by matching patients with the most effective treatment for their disease. 

“Our organizations are grateful to see such game-changing legislation receive such strong bipartisan support and eager to see the hope it will bring the patients we serve and their loved ones.” 
Biomarkers are changes detected in cells that can help match patients to targeted therapies that allow for more personalized treatment options and can help patients avoid treatments that may be ineffective. The innovative testing is increasingly important for cancer care and the treatment of other diseases including arthritis, autoimmune and rare diseases, with research happening in other disease areas.  

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