FDA Approval of Flavored Products Puts Tobacco Industry Interests Over Public Health

Statement of American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network President Lisa Lacasse

October 19, 2021

WASHINGTON, DC – October 19, 2021 – “The marketing authorization of four flavored oral tobacco products today by the Food and Drug Administration is alarming given documented proof of the appeal of flavors in enticing and addicting the next generation of tobacco users. Flavors mask the harsh taste of products, making it easier to start and more difficult to quit dangerous tobacco products. The products are manufactured by Altria, parent company of Philip Morris USA, long known for efforts to evade product regulation in the interest of addicting new customers.

“While the FDA has again issued strict marketing restrictions in an effort to prevent youth exposure, the tobacco industry has an established track record of circumventing regulation. Continued post-market surveillance will be imperative to ensure the company complies with the regulation and further monitoring of extended use of these nicotine-containing products will be crucial to understand potential long-term health implications.

“The FDA noted the authorized products are ‘intended for adults,’ and yet the unscrupulous tobacco industry continues to work to addict young, new consumers to its products with kid-friendly flavors. The evidence shows that youth will gravitate to any flavored products that remain on the market. ACS CAN calls on the FDA to prohibit the use of all flavors including menthol in all tobacco products to stem the epidemic of youth tobacco addiction spurred by e-cigarettes and the consequential and long-term health impact resulting from tobacco use.”

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