Cancer Advocates Urge California to Use JUUL Settlement Dollars to Fund Prevention and Cessation Programs, Enforce Laws to Curb Tobacco Use

April 12, 2023

Sacramento, Calif. –  JUUL announced today it will pay $462 million to settle a multi-state investigation into its underage marketing practices to attract young consumers to its addictive e-cigarettes. 

This settlement is evidence that JUUL intentionally preyed upon young consumers with the sole goal of addicting a generation that had the potential to be the first tobacco-free generation. JUUL entered the market early, commanding a substantial share of the market, and was largely responsible for the surge in youth e-cigarette use and the growth in the percentage of youth who have become addicted to e-cigarettes—an epidemic that continues to this day. Under the settlement, California will receive $175.8 million.

The following is a statement from Jim Knox, California managing director for the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN): 

“California has a long track record of pushing back against the tobacco industry and working to protect our kids from Big Tobacco’s continued targeting. But the fight is far from over. As the tobacco industry continues to work hard to addict future generations with e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, the need for funding for tobacco prevention and cessation programs and for enforcement of laws to prevent tobacco use has never been greater.

“While the settlement addresses JUUL’s early and unconscionable influence over youth, the proliferation of other products is compounding the ongoing e-cigarette epidemic, not to mention the continued use of combustible tobacco products, which remain a leading cause of preventable cancer-related death. Most recently, tobacco companies have released new cigarette products designed to evade the state’s new law prohibiting the sale of flavored tobacco products.

“ACS CAN urges California to dedicate all dollars from the JUUL settlement to funding fact-based prevention and cessation programs and enforcement of current laws designed to curb tobacco use. We look forward to working with Attorney General Rob Bonta, the legislature and Governor Gavin Newsom to ensure this settlement money is used to protect kids from the continued, intentional influence of the tobacco industry.”