Bill Offering Solution for Georgia’s Health Care Coverage Gap Fails in Committee

Lawmakers Leave Nearly 450,000 Georgians Without Lifesaving Health Coverage this Year

March 21, 2024

ATLANTA, Georgia – March 21, 2024 – The Georgia Senate’s regulated industries committee failed to pass HB 1077 today in a tied vote. The bill would have cleared the way for a customized solution to closing the coverage gap in Georgia. PeachCare Plus would help nearly 450,000 Georgians access quality, affordable health care that can be lifesaving while taking advantage of significant federal funding that is only available under this type of plan.

In response, American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network (ACS CAN) Managing Director of Advocacy John Hoctor released the following statement:

“ACS CAN supports the bipartisan PeachCare Plus solution and is encouraged to hear the committee members agree on a need for Georgia to address the significant uninsured population. We are disappointed Georgia lawmakers did not vote to put PeachCare Plus into action this year.

“Closing the coverage gap under PeachCare Plus offers Georgia a chance to get a much higher match rate and signing bonus from the federal government, potentially bringing $4 billion to the state. The chance to make such a big fiscal impact on Georgia while helping nearly 450,000 people is unmatched by any other program currently available.

“This is a failure for the Georgia legislature at a time when expanding access to health coverage has bi-partisan support across our state and region. As I said in my testimony today, people need access to lifesaving care now so they can detect, treat and survive cancer. Patients can’t wait.

“We look forward to working with our volunteers to continue to highlight and advance this critical priority in 2025. We will build on the considerable momentum we have seen this session across the aisle. We ask anyone with experiences living in the coverage gap to share their stories with us so we can further amplify the urgency of this issue to lawmakers.”



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