Reducing the Toll of Tobacco

• Tobacco Prevention and Cessation Funding: ACS CAN will work to fund and sustain evidence-based, statewide tobacco use prevention and cessation programs and are asking for funding levels to be increased to $8.63 million annually.
• Tobacco Taxes: ACS CAN will advocate to increase the tax on other tobacco products to parallel the current tax on cigarettes ($2.52 per pack). Increasing the price of cigarettes and all other tobacco products through regular and significant tobacco tax increases helps to keep kids from starting to use tobacco and helps adults quit.
• Access to Tobacco Cessation: ACS CAN will advocate for the state Medicaid program to provide a comprehensive cessation benefit that covers individual, group, and telephone counseling and all FDA-approved tobacco cessation medications without cost-sharing or other barriers to accessing care.
• Product Placement: ACS CAN will work to pass legislation that will require all tobacco products be placed behind the counter or in a locked case.
• Electronic Cigarettes: ACS CAN is currently exploring solutions to combat the electronic cigarette epidemic, including but not limited to; taxing electronic cigarettes, licensing electronic cigarette retailers and comprehensive tobacco-free school policies that include electronic smoking devices.