Pennsylvania Cancer Action Day


Join us in Harrisburg on Tuesday, May 7th for our annual Cancer Action Day from 9-5pm! Survivors, advocates, caregivers, and more will come together from across the state to advocate for life-saving policies. No prior experience is needed, we will provide training and resources ahead of time and book lawmaker meetings for you. All you need to bring is your passion in the fight against cancer. See you at the Capitol!


Register here:


Below is more information on the asks that we will be making on Cancer Action Day. We will go over everything in detail during the virtual training so that you feel confident going into meetings with your lawmakers. Remember, sharing your connection to cancer will make all the difference!


We are asking our lawmakers to:

  • Expand access to biomarker testing (when medically recommended) for all Pennsylvanians

    • Once diagnosed with cancer, biomarker testing can help lead to targeted treatment for an individual's specific type of cancer, improving outcomes and leading to better quality of life

    • Not all insurance plans currently cover comprehensive biomarker testing, leaving many communities behind. We are working to change this so that all patients can have access to this important testing

    • For more information and actions that you can take, check out our biomarker testing campaign page

  • Continue to fund critical cancer prevention programs

    • The PA Breast and Cervical Cancer Early Detection program helps ensure that all women can access regular screenings, which is crucial for early detection

    • Statewide tobacco prevention and cessation programs help people struggling with tobacco addiction and prevent kids from starting to use tobacco products, lowering instances of lung cancer

For more information on these issues and other policies that we are advocating for, take a look at our 2024 Legislative Priorities page


In advance of Cancer Action Day, you are required to attend a virtual training hosted by the ACS CAN team. If you did not select a training date during registration, please complete this quick form. We will send out reminders with the details ahead of each session. 


For any first time participants, you are welcome to join "office hours" to ask any questions or practice your personal story before Cancer Action Day.


We will continue to update this page with additional resources, so be sure to check back. If you have any questions, please reach out to PA Grassroots Manager, Lydia Lippold-Gelb, at [email protected] 


On Tuesday, May 7th join volunteers from across the state to meet with lawmakers in Harrsiburg and advocate for lifesaving laws. Training and support will be provided. No prior experience necessary!
Not all communities are benefiting from the latest advancements in biomarker testing. Sign our petition to change this!

Your Support CAN fight Cancer