Support a Smoke-Free Texas

Today, clean indoor air workplace laws protect more than 12 million Texans from secondhand smoke in more than 90 cities. In those cities, you won’t face a smoky environment at a restaurant, bar or bowling alley. But there are hundreds more cities and millions more Texans in unincorporated areas of the state still breathing dangerous secondhand smoke every day. Texans need a statewide smoke-free indoor air law that simply asks users to “step outside.”

2018 started off with a bang, as Fort Worth, the last major metropolitan city in Texas without a comprehensive smoking ordinance, voted in January to adopt a comprehensive smoke-free ordinance. 

In conjunction with the Smoke-Free Texas coalition, ACS CAN advocates and volunteers are working with mayors and councilmembers to adopt comprehensive smoke-free indoor air ordinances that include bars, restaurants and electronic cigarettes.


Visit Smoke-Free Texas to learn more. 

Texas Smoke Free cities 4.1.18