We Can’t Let Up: Send Congress a Message to Increase Funding for Cancer Research

July 15, 2022

Make no mistake: There has been huge progress in the fight against cancer. Even in just the past few years, we have seen exciting breakthroughs in cancer research and treatment.

None of this would have been possible without volunteers across the country raising their voices to demand that cancer research be prioritized in our federal budget. Our elected leaders have heard this message loud and clear.

As a result, federally funded cancer research has led to new treatments, new ways to prevent and diagnose the disease, and a significant drop in the number of people dying from cancer.

This progress is truly extraordinary – but we can’t let up.  We won’t stop until the day when no one has to hear those three, scary words: “You have cancer.”

Will you help convince Congress to do their part by increasing federal funding for cancer research? Take just a moment to send a message to your members of Congress today! Our pre-filled form makes it quick and easy.

Members of Congress frequently take note of what issues their offices are being contacted about. If enough people call to request that cancer research be prioritized in the federal budget, Congress will likely act – and vote – accordingly.

This is important. Scientists are on the cusp of even more tremendous breakthroughs in the fight against cancer, and we can’t let up in making sure they have the resources they need to make these breakthroughs a reality.

On behalf of everyone at ACS CAN, thank you for taking action.