We’re Making Fighting Cancer an Election Issue

October 19, 2018

Forums, food and phones.  Those are all part of ACS CAN’s highly effective 2018 Cancer Votes campaign.

This year, our premiere electoral program is educating candidates about cancer issues in some of the hottest races in the nation, including a top congressional race in New Jersey, as well as statewide races in Minnesota, Tennessee and North Dakota. 

And the candidates are listening and responding.

In the past few months, ACS CAN volunteers and staff have ensured that fighting cancer is a highly visible issue in these races, holding a multitude of events that put candidates on the record and publicizing their stances on our cancer issues.

In New Jersey, volunteers attended a key debate where the moderator asked ACS CAN’s question challenging candidates to commit to supporting improved access to health care for cancer patients and survivors.  You can see the candidates’ responses to this and other cancer questions in our exclusive cancer voter guide.

Meanwhile, in Minnesota, one of the leading candidates for governor has accepted our invitation to join ACS CAN volunteers at one of our many “Eat and Greet” events, talking with us about his stance on our cancer issues. (All candidates were invited.) These ongoing face-to-face events, combined with phone banking parties, petition collection and candidate forums, led both candidates to complete our voter guide questionnaire.  We encourage you to read what they had to say.

In key races across the country, ACS CAN has also been sponsoring or hosting highly visible forums and televised debates. This includes events in the hotly contested North Dakota race for U.S. Senate, one of the most closely watched races in the nation.  We’re also hosting legislative forums across the state of Montana, where we expect to interact with more than 50 candidates throughout the series.

Of course, these aren’t the only states where ACS CAN volunteers are showing up and demanding that candidates go on record on cancer issues. You can learn more about our electoral activity by visiting our Cancer Votes page and visiting your state’s custom page on the ACS CAN web site.

Thank you to all of our fabulous volunteers who are doing so much to ensure that fighting cancer truly is a priority during this election season and letting their candidates know that Cancer Votes.