Tennessee State Lead Ambassador

Michael Holtz


TN volunteerMichael Holtz has been involved with ACS CAN since 2015 and with ACS for many years. Michael began his cancer advocacy working on Relay For Life, from participant, to captain, to committee member and advocacy chair. For his advocacy work, Michael has won numerous awards, including being named the Patient Advocate of the Year by the Provision CARES Foundation in April 2018. At home in Knoxville, Michael is a communications and marketing specialist who volunteers with many other groups, including the Cancer Support Community of East Tennessee and the Colorectal Cancer Alliance.

Why are you a cancer advocate?

I survived a disease that was supposed to kill me, so I believe I’m supposed to be a cancer advocate. There is power in my story. I want to continue to use my story and my voice to speak for those who are unable to do so, and to carry on the legacy of all of the people I’ve loved who have died from cancer.

What is your proudest accomplishment as an ACS CAN volunteer?

My proudest accomplishment as an ACS CAN volunteer is the success of the One Degree campaign. I became Tennessee’s SLA when that campaign launched. Seeing the fulfillment of our goal and to have played an active part in reaching it makes me proud of the work we do.

Why is being an ACS CAN volunteer important to you?

Being an ACS CAN volunteer is important to me because working to change public policy is the way I can have the most impact on cancer. Issues like improving patient quality of life, federal funding for cancer research, and closing the Medicare loophole are very important to me.


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