South Dakota State Lead Ambassador

Kris GasterPhoto of Kris Gaster, South Dakota State Lead Ambassador

Kris has been an ACS CAN volunteer for many years and most recently served as the South Dakota ACT Lead for East River. Kris and her husband live in Sioux Falls. When not volunteering for ACS CAN, she is the Assistant Vice President for outpatient cancer services at Avera Health.

Why is being an ACS CAN volunteer important to you?

Volunteering for the ACS CAN allows all of us to influence healthcare policy to ensure access to care from the general public to those affected by cancer and their loved ones.  The work of ACS CAN ensures that barriers to cancer care are reduced from screening, treatment, palliative and end of life care as well as advancing research for cures.  

What is your favorite memory from your time as an ACS CAN volunteer?

I have greatly enjoyed my time at our state’s legislative session to being in Washington DC.  The comradery and passion of  the other ACS CAN volunteers is inspiring.  Personally experiencing the genuine concern that our elected officials have when it comes to cancer and the respect that they have for the ACS and ACS CAN has been greatly impactful.  It is a thrill to feel the pulse of our government at work and having a small part of influencing cancer policy for the public and patients.   

Why should others in your community get involved in ACS CAN?

Everyone can make an impact on cancer through their participation, time and voice.  It requires all of us to tell OUR story how cancer has personally impacted us and our loved ones.  Unfortunately, everyone has a story.  We need to tell that story.  It is one way to make a brighter future for those in the mist of cancer care and for those in the future. 


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