Mankato Free Press: Voters need to know stands on cancer issues

October 31, 2018

It’s so difficult to know where political candidates stand on the important issues.

An organization I volunteer for, the American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network, is trying to fix that, at least when it comes to understanding how our candidates would approach the issues that decide how Minnesota will experience cancer in the future.

ACS CAN — a non-partisan advocacy organization — asked Jeff Johnson and Tim Walz, the two major-party candidates for governor, to answer three questions, and they have published the answers in a voter guide you can find at

I, like many Minnesotans, have friends and loved ones who have fought the battle against cancer. Some have won, many have not.

Minnesotans need continued progress so we can some day prevent more losses — and so when someone is diagnosed with cancer they have the care they need.

I chose to get involved in ACS CAN because I know progress doesn’t just happen. That’s why it’s so important to me to know how our political leaders will act on issues that affect cancer patients and their families and that keep progress moving forward.

Please read the ACS CAN voter guide and decide for yourself whose position fits your ideas best.

We need to know now how candidates will approach these important issues. Nov. 7 will be too late.

Ramona Beiswanger

North Mankato